Automatic Bio fireplaces

At Decoflame we offer 2 types of automatic bio fireplaces: Denver e-Ribbon Fire & Denver e-Ribbon Basic.

Both types offer a closed system with our patented CEVB Technology (Controlled Ethanol Vapour Burning), this patented system makes it possible to control the fireplace via a remote control or a mobile device with our own Decoflame App

If you want to know more about our automatic fireplaces, click here.

Decoflame Montreal biopejs indsats showroom

Build-in fireplaces

With a automatic build-in bio fireplace you’ll be able to quickly adjust flamelevels, and remote control every apsect of the fireplace.

Decoflame Denver Corner, drop-down biopejs med 90 graders knæk

Drop-down bio fireplaces

Create exiting and cozy settings in your house or apartment with a drop-down burner without casing.

Decoflame Torino Multi, væghængt biopejs møbel i sort

Wall mounted biofires

Don’t want a bio fireplace taking up floor space? Then a wall mounted model might be the right choice for you.



For larger spaces a free-standing bio fireplace can serve as the perfect room divider. With an automatic burner it’s fast and easy to operate.


Table-top fireplaces

Perfect for the conference room-, reception- or dinner table. Easy to operate and remote control with our patented automatic burner.

Decoflame biopejs i clic møbel

Biofires in furniture

With a automatic burner integrated in furniture the possibilities are almost infinite.