Nice Series

Nice bio-ethanol fireplace series offers great versatility in use either as a freestanding fire column or a mobile table-top fire: the burner is simply lifted out of the vase and can then be placed on any solid, level surface.

Nice bio-ethanol fireplace is designed to add the cosiness and wild romantic of an open fire to long summer nights in your garden, on your terrace or anywhere indoors. Nice comes in two heights (the higher Tower and the lower Lounge) and is available with vases of various colours, in high gloss and also with a woven structure.

Nice ethanol burner featured in these models is made of brushed or polished stainless steel and white or black powder-coated steel and is shielded by an optic white glass surround of 8mm thickness.

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Nice Cube Lounge
Nice Cube Tower
Nice Lounge
Nice Tower

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